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Handy Tips

Aerate and Dethatch For a Healthy Lawn

March 17, 2021
Spring is the time to give your lawn a jumpstart with dethatching and aeration. Dethatching removes the built-up layer of dead grass clippings that can choke your lawn. Aeration creates small holes in your soil to allow nutrients and water to get down to the roots. Handyman rents walk-behind powered dethatchers and aerators as well as tow-behind models. For best results, do this annually between early spring and early summer, once grass has begun to grow.

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Category: Lawncare

It's Time for Fall Tree Work

October 30, 2020
Fall is the season to limb dead branches before autumn winds and winter snows make them a hazard. If your property is well landscaped with trees, pay close attention to how close branches are to the roof, as their constant scraping can damage shingles. If it looks like your trees could use a little trim, rent a tree-trimming tool for an afternoon. We also rent aerial lifts and log splitters!

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Category: Tree Work

Remember the Phone Number "811'

March 1, 2019
Why is the number 811 so important to excavating jobs? Because this is the national "Call Before You Dig" phone number. You can use this number to connect with the local utility company, so they can check the excavation site before you dig to make sure it is free of underground lines.

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Category: Earth Work

Don't Get Your Jack Hammer Stuck!

September 2, 2015
Keep in mind that, when using a jack hammer, if you try to crack off large pieces, the jackhammer will literally drill itself into the concrete and get stuck. To prevent this, focus on cracking off smaller pieces, as this will save you time in the long run.

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